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Each of these 3 early release Wednesday sessions stands on its own. You can sign up for one, or sign up for all three! 

2-4pm @CRES

$25 per session

In each 2-hour session we will play, create, learn and grow!

MARCH 11 - Leadership

APRIL 8 - Multiple Intelligences

MAY 13 - Friendship




What is the difference between a boss and a leader?

What skills do leaders have? Am I a leader?

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes with all different kinds of passions and dreams. During this fun filled afternoon, students will discover their own leadership strengths, learn to use assertive voices, practice finding win-win solutions, and lean into choosing courage over comfort.

"If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito."

- The Dalai Lama



There are so many different ways to be smart - let's explore them!

🎼Music                        🌳Nature

🤸‍♀️Movement                 🧮Numbers

👭People                      👤Self

📕Words                        🖍Art

Kids can be left with the impression that if math or reading isn't their strength, they aren't "smart". In 1983, Dr. Howard Gardner introduced the theory of Multiple Intelligences and his work has been shaping how we view intelligence ever since. During this afternoon we will play with all the different "smarts". We'll celebrate strengths, explore with our challenges and maybe even redefine some limiting beliefs.


And as always, we will have FUN!



Making and keeping friends can be tricky! 


In this ChangeMakers session we will strengthen our empathy muscles!

We'll explore our own emotions and learn to recognize them in others; we'll learn tools to navigate teasing, practice being an UPstander rather than a bystander, and celebrate all the ways we are good friends.


As always, the focus is on fun & finding your brave!

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